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Welcome to Our Cattery!
My name is Alena.

I am a cat breeder since 1992. I live in California, near San Diego. I am always happy to assist you, help you with any questions regards to Maine Coon Cats. Dear Maine Coon lovers. March 2020 litter waiting list is closed. However, It's open for future litters.

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Why It Is More Than A Work?
Unfortunately, there are far too many irresponsible, unethical backyard breeders who live exclusively from their cattery’s income, which inherently means that they cannot practice breeding in a fully ethical way, nor can they justify spending money for all of the required health examinations, high quality food, and the list goes on. Not to mention the high output and terrible living conditions they ask of their breeding stock. Long story short, "business catteries" cut corners in ways that are so unethical it would make your skin crawl. This is definitely not okay, and this is not what we are.
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